My method

I seek that the results and the game speak for themselves, not separately, because many times it is not dependent on the game management.

Thoroughly analyze game production and merits, observing its valid statistics and other values. so that the reading is thorough and not get carried away by the results that sometimes have a lot of chance and little foresight. Recognizing that this sport can never be interpreted without uncertainties

Players with mental toughness, sufficient technique, intelligence to interpret the game, physical courage and competitive spirit are needed. For many weeks of many months.

I have learned for many years that soccer has a particularity that makes it super attractive, which is: What can be won without deserving it and vice versa.

At all times bear in mind that there are league sections in which a team can defend well and fit and attack and counterattack efficiently and not be able to score, even if it sounds like a contradiction.

Achieve that the true potential of the players is revealed in a high value the greater number of games